Jarchem BioPure™ GLDA

BioPure™ GLDA is a powerful chelating agent made from natural, biodegradable, renewable raw materials, and functions as a great preservative booster. It exhibits excellent metal chelation properties, high water solubility, stability over a wide pH range, and low ecotoxicity.

Cola®Moist 200

Cola®Moist 200 is a cationic humectant with a high charge density and outstanding water binding properties.

EPS® 2559


EPS 2559 is a styrenated acrylic emulsion with excellent early water and humidity resistance.
The early hydrophobic properties of EPS 2559 make it an excellent choice for high performance waterproofing paints on cementitious substrates and for use in tile mastics.

STEROX Cleaning Powders

Sterox is a cleaning powder formulated for use in the wine industry. This is a non-foaming, chlorine-free alkaline powder containing active oxygen, phosphates, and additives.