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How to use Kemphos and Sterox in your cleaning process

After a long and stressful fermenting process, no one wants to face the disappointment of running into contamination from your equipment. Yet this is altogether too common. Small amounts of debris leftover from previous batches, that little bit of residue left in the transfer line, or the odor left in the tanks or vats that you just couldn’t quite eliminate.

There are ways to stop the cycle from repeating!

Products specifically designed for the fermented beverage industry can have the biggest impact since they are formulated to remove tartar, color, protein, and organic soils. Start with the Kemphos 2001 Pink, a Chlorinated Trisodium Phosphate (CTSP) that has been used in highly sensitive food and beverage applications for over 50 years. This is by far the easiest product to use due to the visual indicator which will assist with rigorous cleaning. This product is non-corrosive to stainless steel, natural and synthetic rubber, plastic, glass, and other common surfaces.

Running Kemphos 2001 Pink through equipment, transfer lines, tanks, and other equipment is as easy as seen here and here. Just remember, “Until you see pink, just repeat!”

If your environmental regulations are more restrictive, you can use Sterox and Sterox K to obtain an equivalent cleaning. These cleaning agents are chlorine-free, caustic-free, and environmentally safe. Sterox and Sterox K are both used at the same concentrations in your operations and proven to be equally as effective in cleaning and pre-sanitization steps. 

So, what is the difference between these cleaners? While the Sterox is the most commonly used product, many customers choose Sterox K due to the lack of phosphates and low sodium. Sterox is an oxygen-based cleaning powder and Sterox K is a potassium-based cleaner. Both products have been used in fermented beverage applications for over a decade and have an incredible track record of performance.

Ravago Chemicals North America (RCNA) recommends using cleaning products both before and after production. Even if tanks, hoses, or vats have been cleaned after the last cycle, contamination can continue to creep into the equipment from natural elements in the air or other nearby production. Odor can be an unexpected issue for storage tanks or other apparatus that have been sitting idle. Just before production, a final cleaning with Sterox or Sterox K and a quick water rinse will help to guarantee the best results!

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Reach out to your local RCNA rep to learn more about Kemphos and Sterox in your cleaning process.


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