Maurivin AWRI Obsession

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Maurivin AWRI Obsession

AWRI Obsession is most noted for its ability to substantially increase the color intensity of red wines.

A pure active dry non-Saccharomyces yeast used to increase color and complexity in red wines.

1 – Increases Dark fruit aromas and reduces vegetal aromas
2 — Increases color intensity in Red Wines
3 – Non Saccharomyces yeast strain for initial inoculation to be followed up sequentially with a strong fermenter to finish the fermentation

Rate of fermentation

AWRI Obsession has a long lag phase compared to Saccharomyces
cerevisiae of two to three days; following the start of fermentation,
this yeast has a medium to fast fermentation speed at temperatures
of 20–30°C (68–86°F).

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