Maurivin AWRI UVAmaX

Maurivin AWRI UVAmaX

A pure active dry hybrid yeast used to lower volatile acidity in wine, particularly late harvest, dessert style wines.

  1. Selected for late harvest dessert style wines

  2. High Alcohol tolerance

  3. Low VA productions

  4. Low to medium Nitrogen needs

Contribution to wine

AWRI UVAmaX has the natural capability to reduce the level
of volatile acidity in wine. The resultant wine made with this
yeast makes it more pleasant due to the decrease in acetic
acid (vinegar) and ethyl acetate (nail polish) aromas.

Rate of fermentation

AWRI UVAmaX has a short lag phase with a medium to fast
fermentation speed at temperatures of 12–26°C (54–79°F).

Type: Saccharomyces cerevisiae x Saccharomyces uvarum (non-GMO hybrid).

Maurivin Attributes of Yeast Product Information

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