STEROX Cleaning Powders

are non-foaming, chlorine free alkaline powders containing active oxygen, phosphates and additives used for the wine industry. A safe and cost effective alternative to other cleaning products. Amongst the most widely used cleaning products by the world’s major wineries.


  • Closed systems (CIP), tanks, chillers, piping, and stainless steel utensils.

  • Grape separator and decanter.

  • Wooden wine casks/barrels and stainless steel vats.

  • Cleaning of floors and walls in production area.


  • Highly effective for removal of wine tartar, anthocyanin color agents, protein and organic soil.
  • White, free flowing powder, fragrance-free with no distinct odor
  • Multi-Action product: Cleaning & deodorizing in one action
  • Removes fermentation residues
  • Good solubility and non-foaming
  • Chlorine and Caustic Free
  • Non – corrosive to all surfaces including metals such as stainless steel, HDPE, etc.
  • Phosphate Free and Low Sodium (Sterox K formula)

Available in 2 formulations:

Standard formula – Oxygen Based Cleaning & Disinfecting Powder for Wine & Beer Industry.

Potassium based formula (phosphate free and low sodium) is a cleaning powder formulated for use in the wine and beer industry.

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