Maurivin AWRI Paragon


Maurivin AWRI Paragon

A pure active dry hybrid yeast used to enhance the tropical fruit characters and mouthfeel in high quality Chardonnay.

1 – Increases tropical fruit aromas and flavors
2 — Increases Increase palate weight and mouthfeel in whites
3 – High alcohol tolerance for ripe fruit

The resultant wine using AWRI Paragon has intense tropical fruit
aromas as well as ester and floral notes that remain in the finished
wine. The balance of all aroma compounds generates a synergistic
effect that is only seen in premium quality Chardonnay. AWRI
Paragon also impacts the palate, producing wines with increased
palate weight, complexity and mouthfeel which is consistent across
the AWRI hybrid yeast series.

Rate of fermentation

AWRI Paragon has a short lag phase with a medium to fast
fermentation speed at temperatures of 13–26°C (55–79°F)

Type:  Saccharomyces cerevisiae x Saccharomyces paradoxus (non-GMO hybrid).

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