Sustainability is the name of our game

Ravago strives to be a strong, comprehensive recycling group and is continuously looking to improve its environmental and social impact at all levels. As an internationally active company, we are fully aware of our responsibilities and we will, as we have always done, actively contribute to increased recycling rates by continuously increasing our capacity and investing in emerging recycling technologies. 


We recognize the fundamental value of discarded plastics and rubber and choose to give them a new life by renovating them into valuable products once again. By enabling this globular economy, we simultaneously reduce greenhouse gases, helping to secure a safe and healthy planet for our next generations.


Sustainability & Education

  • Commitment to sustainability and run our business with this in mind.
  • Strive to make every effort to lessen our environmental impact and carbon footprint, ensuring the safety of our employees and neighbors.
  • Ravago Chemicals is a member of the Chemical Educational Foundation – a nationally-recognized, award-winning nonprofit organization committed to enhancing science education among every generation, beginning with our youth.
Our Engagement


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