Our Ravago Energy Services (RES) business has taken the same vision and core values that has guided Ravago throughout its history to become one of the world’s largest polymer and chemical distributors. With approximately two decades of industry experience behind it, Ravago Energy Services (RES) is built upon long-standing industry relationships and the reputation of providing value-added, technical solutions to the issues and challenges our customers face in the Oil and Gas industry. Our customer base is focused on the Exploration & Production (E&P) Sector and is primarily involved in end applications such as drilling fluids, cementing additives and slurries, stimulation and fracking, and production and completion chemicals. We partner with service companies who work with the operators of oil and natural gas wells, i.e. BP and Shell, and are instrumental in all aspects of extracting these valuable resources from the wellhead.

Our portfolio of suppliers and products allows us to bring both existing and new technologies to the O&G industry. The strength of our supplier relationships provides us with a transparent, reliable partnership crucial to our success in this industry. We continually add to our technology portfolio by seeking out suppliers who represent the best in class raw materials and products.

Ravago Logistics Strength: Warehousing & Transportation

Expertise in Bulk Handling & Shipments. Warehouse Capabilities Specializing in Handling, Labeling, and Storing. Dedicated Areas for both hazardous and FDA Goods.


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We are a North America focused business but offer global capability as well. Ravago Chemicals global footprint can offer resources and service across multiple geographies. Our commitment to providing technology-based solutions combined along with our reputation for outstanding customer service has allowed us to develop strong partnerships designed to deliver long term growth for our customers and suppliers.

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