Food, medical uses, pharmaceutical, personal care, E422

Caustic Soda

Sodium Hydroxide

Caustic Soda. Paper processing, food preparation, cleaning, water treatment, lye, drain clean

Citric Acid

Kosher and non-kosher Citric Acid for wine stabilization, food preservation, personal care products and more.

Feature Formulations

EPS® 2252, Polymer for Low Surface Energy Roof Coatings. EPS® 2252 is a high solids acrylic emulsion designed to adhere to low energy substrates commonly used in roofing.

Jarchem BioPure™ GLDA

BioPure™ GLDA is a powerful chelating agent made from natural, biodegradable, renewable raw materials, and functions as a great preservative booster. It exhibits excellent metal chelation properties, high water solubility, stability over a wide pH range, and low ecotoxicity.