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  • Nu Oak Powder
  • Oak Powder (toast options)
  • Oak Chips (size & toast options)
  • Oak Cubes (toast options)
  • Oak Segments (toast options)
  • Oak Staves (toast options)
  • Oak Blends (toast options)

Spirits 101

What is distillation?

Why do we have to distill hard liquor? To create anything substantially “hard,” we can’t rely on yeast. To get high ABV alcohol, we have to actually physically separate alcohol from water using evaporation and condensation—aka distilling.


Because alcohol has a lower boiling point than water (173 F vs. 212 F), distillers can evaporate the alcohol (mostly) by itself, collect the vapors into a tube and use cold temperatures to force the alcohol to condense back into liquid. In all of drinking history, just two methods of distilling have evolved.


However you are distilling, alcohol never evaporates alone. Congeners (tannins, esters, fusel alcohols, and even methanol) can evaporate with it. Cutting is the process by which the distiller separates out these elements, usually through careful temperature and timing control. 


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Distilled Spirits

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